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Violin Immersion is a unique online violin camp for adult beginners, in which you’ll get daily online classes, LIVE workshops and sheet music to improve your violin technique in only 8 days!

Learn new Techniques

Learn New Techniques on the violin with easy step-by-step lessons.

Each lesson has multiple camera angles, sheet music and everything else you need to learn.

See just how much you can improve your playing in a week of fun and intensive practice.

Online Violin Camp - Violin Immersion - Learn Technique (5)
Online Violin Camp - Violin Immersion - Daily Workshops


Join interactive live sessions with a professional teacher!

In our workshops you get everything you need to practice more effectively. Learn new skills such as vibrato or scale practice and ask all your questions directly to your teacher.

Meet Other Adult Beginners

Violin Immersion is a violin camp for people just like you.

They decided to do what they love. Learn to play the violin as an adult.

Here you can meet like minded people, share your experiences, make some memories and make some new friends.

Online Violin Camp - Violin Immersion - Meet others


Violin Immersion - Julia (1)

Julia Termeer

Violin Teacher & Founder of Violinspiration

Julia is a violin teacher and founder of Julia’s Violin Academy. Her books, teaching methods and videos are enjoyed by more than 75.000 violinists worldwide.

Julia knows that it is NEVER too late to become a violin player! Anyone can learn to play – as long as you practice correctly.

With her easy, step-by-step method she teaches adults from across the globe how to master this wonderful instrument.

You know you should be practicing
to become a great violin player

Every. Day.

So let’s do this together.


Sunday, 8th of November



according to your local time

Online Violin Camp - Violin Immersion - Learn Technique (5)

The 5 Steps to a Beautiful Vibrato

Would you like to play with a beautiful vibrato tone in all your pieces? In that case, this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you will learn the 5 steps to learn to play beautiful vibrato on the violin. Plus, we will directly practice the exercises together on Zoom.

What do I need to join a workshop?

Monday, 9th of November


Beginner challenge

Legato bowing

Intermediate challenge


Tuesday, 10th of November


Beginner challenge

Double stops

Intermediate challenge

Playing 5th position

Wednesday, 11th of November


Beginner challenge

D Major scale played in thirds

Intermediate challenge

Advanced arpeggios

Thursday, 12th of November


Beginner challenge

Ti-tika rhythm

Intermediate challenge

Shifting to harmonics

Friday, 13th of November


Beginner challenge

Accenting long notes

Intermediate challenge

Up-bow staccato

Saturday, 14th of November



according to your local time


Essential Scales for Beginning Violinists

If there would be one “shortcut” to learning the violin more quickly, it would be called “scales”!

They can sound a little “boring”, but if you practice your scales right you will quickly learn new techniques, improve your intonation and will activate muscle memory!

After a few weeks of practice, you will never want to go back to life without scales! 🎻

In this workshop I will show you exactly which scales to practice in each stage of learning the violin. We will directly practice the scales together on Zoom. After the workshop you can expect to have a solid scales routine ready for the coming months. 😍

Sunday, 15th of November



according to your local time

Online Violin Camp - Violin Immersion - FINGER SPEED

Finger Speed & Strength Masterclass

Ever wondered why your fingers just won’t move fast enough?

This workshop is for you! Especially adult beginners are often afraid that their fingers can just “not move as fast anymore”. But nothing is further from the truth! If you approach your fast passages smart and with determination, anyone can learn how to play faster.

In this workshop we will go over the best finger exercises for speed & strength. Plus, you will learn 3 “secrets” to playing fast on the violin.


About previous Violin Immersion online camps:

Rated ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars based on 7 customer reviews.

  • Leyla
    3 years ago

    Since Violin Immersion, I pick up the violin daily Violin Immersion helped me to understand how to go beyond the first position on fingerboard and that I could do it! I learned the methods of trills, how to speed up LH fingers, rhythm, up-bow staccato, accents, harmonics. All this helps me now to assist at home my daughter, who started with violin as well. She has got a teacher weekly, but well the rest of the week we are self-taught 🙂 During Vio... read more

  • Hans
    3 years ago

    I practice and play better There are a lot of things I learned during Violin Immersion. First of all, the structured step-by-step learning process which leads to a gradual and consistent progress and advancement. The importance of learning one’s “weakness” on certain technique and focusing on learning and mastering over that wearing, and then gradually progressing and advancing unto another techniques. It made my a lot of d... read more

  • Don
    3 years ago

    I became more patient and precise It helped me to realize I am able to play just 2 lines for 25 minutes without getting bored because there are so many small details that can be improved. I am now able to focus myself in the hard parts of a piece without the feeling of boredom or despair to move on. I also noticed that my pinky is not longer afraid of the strings, and that i don't need to press to hard on the strings .

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